Sunday, June 02, 2024

Recognizing Donald Trump

She knew.

After Donald Trump was convicted in New York City, NY on Thursday on all 34 counts of business fraud, he told told reporters "this was a rigged, disgraceful trial. The next day, he gave a speech declaring of the court "they are in total conjunction with the White House and the DOJ. Just so you understand, this is all done by Biden and his people."

In September of 2007, Mrs. Clinton unveiled a health care plan, more progressive than the Affordable Care Act later implemented by President Obama, which would have provided universal coverage for Americans.  In August of 2016, responding to the Zika virus prevalent in Miami, As she described it, Clinton proposed

a Public Health Rapid Response Fund, with consistent, year-to-year budgets, to better enable the CDC, HHS, FEMA, state and local public health departments, hospital systems, and other federal agencies to quickly and aggressively respond to major public health crises and pandemics. I will also ensure that our government has strong leadership and is organized to better support and work with people on the ground facing public health challenges....

In addition, we need to do more to boost our preparedness for biological threats and bioweapons; to support research for new diagnostic tests, therapeutic treatments, and vaccines for emerging diseases; to build capacity in public health departments; to train the next cadre of public health professionals and ensure that public health and environmental health practices are standard to the educations of medical students; and to provide resources for states and local governments to plan for complex, multi-faceted public health threats, like the impacts of climate change, and build more resilient communities.

So Hillary Clinton understood Donald Trump was corrupt and, as Bill Maher would go on to describe him, whiny little bitch. She probably knew, too, that if Trump were elected President, he would reduce funding for the Centers for Disease Control and "dismantle a National Security Council directorate at the White House charged with preparing for" a likely pandemic.  When asked in March, 2021 about shutting down the global health unit, the President replied "this is something that you can never really think is going to happen."

Well, he may have thought it wouldn't happen. A President Hillary Clinton thought otherwise and would have been in a position to halt the spread of Covid-19, saving  perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives. 

But there was the matter of that one email on her server which was marked in the middle of a paragraph with a lower-case "c" which, then- FBI Director James Comey admitted, would not have been recognized by even classification experts. One e-mail sort of marked classified and sort of mishandled vs. tens, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of American lives. 

Hillary Clinton wasn't right about everything. But about health care, and especially, Donald Trump, she was.

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