Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Lie Laughed At Around the World

I suppose if a guy would in the Oval Office advocate the execution of "a staffer who leaked a story," it's not surprising that he would lie about people across the globe.

If people all over the world are laughing at us now, there must have been some pretty heavy guffaws during the Trump presidency, given that

People in 34 countries around the world have more confidence in President Joe Biden than his challenger in November’s election, former President Donald Trump, even as there is increased skepticism that United States democracy provides a good model for the rest of the world to follow, according to a poll from the Pew Research Center released Tuesday.

 The poll found a median of 43% in the surveyed countries say they trust Biden to do the right thing in world affairs compared to 28% for Trump. People had a more positive assessment of Biden than Trump in 24 countries, while Trump led in Hungary and Tunisia and the two men were effectively tied in eight other countries.

President Biden's standing in the world is not great. It is difficult across the globe to have faith in the USA when our nation is heavily invested in two wars- in eastern Europe and in the Middle East. In both instances (especially the latter), most individuals globally have little faith in the American President.

Both crises are fraught with danger, and a favorable outcome is not susceptible to overwhelming American military might. In Eastern Europe, there is a lurking possibility that Vladimir Putin will employ tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine if the American government overplays its hand. In the Middle East, the effort to eradicate a terrorist group is hindered by a Prime Minister, leader of a staunch USA ally, who is at least as concerned about his own political and legal future as he is by the safety and security of his nation. 

Events in those arenas may prove greater than American ability to determine a favorable outcome for the Free World. Yet, President Biden has several options to respond to Trump's claim that America "is being laughed at all over the world.' He can note that he is held in higher esteem than Trump by our European allies, which have rallied to Biden's effort to galvanize their support to fight Donald Trump's ally, Vladimir Putin. He can contrast his own commitment to democracy and freedom to his opponent's support of Viktor Orban, Vladimir Putin, and other totalitarians. And to top it off, "we now have a President who is not a felon." 

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