Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Republican Media- number 1:
And now, for an occasional feature entitled...... The Republican Media

In his weekly radio address today, President Bush criticized Democrats in Congress for being "behind schedule passing the individual spending bills needed to keep the Federal Government running." However, last year, reported The Washington Post, "Congress sent only two of eleven spending bills- those covering the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security- to President Bush, leaving much of the government operating under what is known as a continuing resolution." In so doing, "the Republicans intend to conclude the 109th Congress this week and leave Democrats stuck with the tab in the form of unfinished spending bills as the days of Republican rule draw to a close on Capitol Hill." President Bush was not exorcised about this irresponsibility and cowardice last year, in fact forgetting to mention it at all. Thus, faced with this context, what was the Associated Press' headline to today's Presidential press conference?
"Bush rips Democratic lawmakers' failures"
While they're at it, why not have Karl Rove write the entire article?

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