Sunday, July 29, 2007

There was, I think, a revealing statement made today by Newt Gingrich on GOP News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace. The former House Speaker remarked "I think the Republicans have three major choices in Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and Fred Thompson (but) I think Senator McCain has taken positions so deeply at odds with his party's base that I don't see how he can get the nomination."

I'll grant you immigration (illegal immigration). But would this be the same John McCain who, according to, has received a 0% rating by the American Civil Liberties Union (12/02); a 0% rating by the National Abortion Rights Action League (12/03); and an 83% rating by the Christian Coalition (12/03)? And the same John McCain who has been the most ardent and visible Republican supporter in the United States Congress of Gulf War II? Why, yes, it would be.

And would this be the same Rudy Giuliani, who, before his recent conversion of convenience, was supportive of gay rights, gun control, and abortion rights(including partial birth abortion)? And who, according to right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter, opposed welfare reform and the nomination of Bill Clinton? Why, yes, it would be. But it is the same Rudy Giuliani who is running against the estate tax, paid on estates worth over $2,000,000, affecting the wealthiest 2% of Americans. One might be cynical enough to conclude, if Gingrich is correct, that cultural issues (or Iraq) really aren't that important anymore to the movers-and-shakers of the Republican Party.

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