Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not His Own Idea

Conservative talk show host Blanquita Cullum on MSNBC Friday morning, 10/17/08 complained that Democrats were responsible for the avalanche of publicity heaped upon "Joe The Plumber" (finding that he is not a licensed plumber, opposes Social Security, has an active lien on his property for unpaid taxes, is actually named "Samuel"). Radio talk show host Joe Madison, recalling Repub nominee John McCain's obsession first exposed two days earlier, replied "It wasn't our candidate who brought him up and talked about him 20-plus times."

Madison was accurate, though it wasn't the Arizona senator who first told the tale of this fellow from outside of Toledo, Ohio. It was Mr. Republican, arguably the most powerful of his party in the land: Rush Limbaugh. This on October 14 from the man Keith Olbermann refers to as "the comedian Rush Limbaugh":

A plumber concerned that Senator Obama, who's going to raise his taxes asked him directly about his plan. The response was telling. Senator Obama explained to him that he was going to raise his taxes to, quote, "spread the wealth around." My friends, my plan isn't intended to force small businesses to cut jobs, to pay higher tax so we can spread the wealth around. My plan is intended to create jobs and increase the wealth of all Americans. (cheers and applause)

Now, you didn't really think John McCain was expressing an independent thought, did you?

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