Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quote Of The Week

an array of quotes, now so close to the election:

"....let's be clear who Sen. McCain's fighting for. He's not fighting for Joe to Plumber; he's fighting for Joe The Hedge Fund Manager. John McCain likes to talk about Joe the Plumber but he's in cahoots with Joe the CEO.”

-Barack Obama at a rally in Henrico County, Va. on 10/22/08

"When you've got Hank Paulson nationalizing the banks, the meaning of socialism is kind of obscure at this point (and it's kind of obscure, anyway)."

-Joan Walsh, editor of Salon, on MSNBC's Hardball on 10/22/08, of GOP charges that the Democratic nominees are Socialists or advocating socialist ideas

"The economic crisis may not have been Sarah Palin's doing but she was the worst possible person to have on the ticket, given that happened."

-Rachel Maddow on "Rachel Maddow," 10/22/08, explaining to Patrick J. Buchanan that Sarah Palin has harmed the Republican ticket in part because of the current economic crisis

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