Sunday, November 16, 2008

GOP Common Sense?!

It's difficult to write, but well-deserved: congratulations to the Republican Party for demonstrating sound judgement. The new leadership of the Republican Governors Association was announced on November 14 in Miami at its annual conference. Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue will lead its recruitment effort; Florida Governor Charlie Crist will be chairman of its annual gala; Texan Rick Perry will serve as finance committee chairman; Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour will be its vice-chairman; South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford will be its new chairman. Governors Linda Lingle (Hawaii), Jim Douglas (Vermont), and Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) will round out the executive board of the Republican Governors Association. The leadership somehow will have to survive without the services of the Governor of Alaska. Sorry, Greta.

And in an unrelated (pun intended) gubernatorial development, North Carolina elected as its new governor Beverly Perdue, a Democrat. Thus, our nation- in fact, the South- now has two states with a governor named Perdue, and they are not related to each other. Nor is either associated at all with the Perdue family running Perdue Farms, as I found from Katherine, a customer service representative.

Now where else but on this blog could you find such trivial, useless information?

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