Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Divine Intervention?

I have to keep up with the conservative blogosphere..... at least better than I have been.

We all know about how John McCain had spoken to Sarah Palin only twice before choosing her as his running mate; for approximately fifteen minutes at a National Governors Association meeting early this year, and at his ranch in Sedona, Az. on the morning of August 29.

You might also have heard about the cruises to Alaska during the summer of 2007 sponsored by the two most eminent conservative magazines, The Weekly Standard and The National Review and how individuals from each cruise dined with Palin at the Governor's Mansion in Juneau. And how they were utterly charmed by the chief executive who impressed them with her charm, self-confidence, and in at least two cases, her physical beauty (described by The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes as "exceptionally pretty and William Kristol as "my heartthrob").

In her recent article in The New Yorker, Jean Mayer describes the role of these meetings, of John McCain's close advisers, and of, inaugurated in February 2007 by Adam Brickley. Although now an intern at the popular conservative website (and prior to that, an intern at the Heritage Foundation), Brickley then was a junior at the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado.

What really caught my attention was Mayer's description of Mr. Brickley's religious perspective:

Brickley’s family, once evangelical Christians, now practice what he calls “Messianic Judaism.” They believe that Jesus is the Messiah, but they also observe the Jewish holidays and attend synagogue; as Brickley puts it, “Jesus was Jewish, so to be like Him you need to be Jewish, too.” Brickley said that “the hand of God” played a role in choosing Palin: “The longer I worked on it the less I felt I was driving it. Something else was at work.”

Similarly, close to the end (approximately 8:15 of the 9:25 video) of her 10/20/08 interview by the adoring Dr. James Dobson, the professional psychologist who heads Focus On The Family, vice-presidential nominee Palin states

...because I'm going to know, at the end of the day, putting this in God's hands, that the right thing for America will be done, the end of the day on November 4.

Perhaps both Brickley and Palin, thinking alike, were right. Perhaps God did play a role in the selection of Sarah Palin, which then played a role in what happened on November 4. And what happened on that historic day was the right thing for America.

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