Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Targeting The Elderly

Was it electrifying a border fence, defending the war in Iraq, refusing to offer any opinion about the Iranian plot against the Saudi ambassador, exonerating the financial services industry of any responsibility for the economic calamity, or asserting liberals are on a "mission" to destroy the economy?

Plenty to choose from in the interview Herman Cain sat for on Meet The Press. But nothing (except for anxious Mexicans) Cain said in the interview was as dangerous as his continued advocacy of upside-down 6-6-6. We already knew "9-9-9" would explode the debt and further enrich the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. And we knew that Cain wants to replace the Social Security system with the failed Chilean model.

But the main challenger to Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination clarified it all for us on Sunday when he responded to David Gregory's comment/question "The reality of the 9-9-9 plan is this, I'll put it up on the screen, it is to have a 9 percent corporate income tax, 9 percent personal income tax, 9 percent sales tax. Everything else is gone." Mr. Cain replied in one word: "yes."

Herman Cain's solution is to place Social Security money money into the caring and unselfish hands of Wall Street. Meanwhile, there no doubt are some participants in Republican primaries and caucuses who currently receive Social Security who would like it to be there for their children (and grandchildren) without subjecting their future to the vagaries of a gyrating stock market. Like most politicians of his party, Herman Cain looks back to the old days of widespread poverty among the elderly and finds it satisfying.

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