Monday, March 04, 2019

And A Bad Imitation, At That

He lied about California governor Gavin Newsom, lied about President Obama, ridiculed generals, mocked a reporter for lacking a private jet, lied (again) about the size of his inauguration crowd, and lied some more. Earlier, he had threatened the United Kingdom in a "shameless, corrupt, and repugnant" tweet.

So why do I care about President Trump ridiculing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

At CPAC on Saturday, Trump stated

Robert Mueller never received a vote and never did the person who appointed him and as you know, the Atrorney General said "Ahm going to recuse myself. Ridiculous.

Of course, neither did the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, interior, agriculture, commerce, labor, health and human services,housing and urban development, transportation, energy,education, veterans affair, and homeland security. Neither did the Director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the US Trade Representative,nor  the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency or of the Small Business Administration. There was no election either of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court or of the eight Associate Justices.

Nonetheless, we all knew that Donald Trump believes he is the USA and the USA is Donald Trump and that he is entitled to be king as his greatest of all inaugural crowds proved.

We know, too, that the Confederate States of America was formed by seven states (including Jeff Sessions' Georgia), all of whom voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Four states, three of whom voted for Trump, joined afterward and two states, both of whom voted for the Republican informally joined still later. Without the support of these 12 states, Trump could not have sniffed the presidency

Yet- or, rather- therefore- Donald Trump sported a southern accent to ridicule his former Attorney General.

We've seen this play before. We've seen it in the strong majority of veterans, and probably an overwhelming majority of non-Hispanic white veterans, voting for Trump. They did so after Trump  reinforced a stereotype about veterans with PTSD. It was after he ridiculed Lieutenant Commander John S. McCain for being captured (but before he mocked the late Senator McCain), and many years after he felt like "a great and very brave soldier" by avoding sexually transmitted diseases while he eluded the draft with five deferments.

Evangelicals voted for Trump in droves, even after he ridiculed communion, denied he ever had asked God for forgiveness, and tried to put money into the communion tray. They continue to adore him, even while he lies, swears, sells out Israel to Russians, and is dedicated to amassing as President ever greater personal profit.

Ridiculing southerners with his bad imitation is merely the latest example of Donald Trump's disloyalty, his practice of thumbing his nose at supporters. The swindler has found his marks.

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