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Conventional wisdom holds that the Democratic base is increasingly moving left but the country is hankering for a centrist alternative to Donald Trump. Therefore, it is surmised, it will be much more difficult for Joe Biden to get his party's nomination than for him if nominated to beat the incumbent.

However, Steve M has noted that Biden's support is strongest among black voters, perhaps particularly those of the female variety, and specifically in South Carolina. Yet

If mainstream journalists settle on a story they like about Biden -- that he's Hillary 2.0 -- it could stick. By the time we're ready for the general election, he may have secured the nomination but lost a lot of goodwill, just like Clinton, in large part because the mainstream media will have portrayed him as yesterday's man. The MSM might also pounce on pseudo-scandals ginned up by the GOP, like the recent stories about Biden and his son and their dealings with Ukraine.

The worst-case scenario is that press coverage sours much of the country on Biden but leaves him popular enough to secure the nomination. That actually could make him Hillary 2.0.

Nonetheless, the GOP's predominant campaign theme for a Trump-Biden matchup will center on the period of 2009-2106. You will remember David Bossie less as Donald Trump's 2016 deputy campaign manager than for the US Supreme Court's notorious Citizens United case, named after the political advocacy group Bossie heads and which tragically brought the successful suit against the Federal Elections Commission.

In an opinion piece published shortly after Joe Biden declared his presidential candidacy, Bossie laid out the blueprint for a Trump campaign against the former vice-president if the latter were to receive the Democratic nomination. He writes

The first thing you might remember about Biden’s record as Obama’s vice president is his description of the signing into law of ObamaCare as a “big f------ deal.”

Biden, one of the prime supporters of the disaster that was disingenuously marketed as the Affordable Care Act, must answer for the lies told by the Obama team to sell the plan to the American people.

Infamous Obama lines such as “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or “if you like the plan you have, you can keep it” – as well as the law’s central failure to control health care costs – all now fall squarely into Biden’s lap.

Nearly a decade later, our health care system is more expensive and less accessible. The left’s recent embrace of a policy that will end Medicare as we know it – or create “Medicare-for-all” as they spin it – is proof positive that ObamaCare was fatally flawed from the outset and it cannot be fixed.

One of the Obama-Biden administration’s top foreign policy objectives was known as the “Russia Reset.” The na├»ve Obama White House said in a fact sheet that the reset “sought to engage the Russian government to pursue foreign policy goals of common interest – win-win outcomes – for the American and Russian people.”

This wrongheaded policy, which President Obama said would give him “more flexibility,” enabled Russian President Vladimir Putin to lure the Obama-Biden team into a false sense of progress as the Russians meddled in our 2016 presidential election.

Unable to admit that their Russia policy was an abject failure at such a critical time, Obama and Biden chose to ignore Russia’s interference in our election instead of doing something to stop it.

The mainstream media cannot allow Biden to rewrite history when it comes to the Obama administration’s cozy Russia policy.

Pushing the pseudo-scandal Steve M cited, Bossie briefly interrupts his message to argue

Biden must also be investigated fully over his alleged actions in Ukraine on behalf of his son Hunter and the investigation into Burisma Holdings, a company with a board of directors that included the younger Biden as a member. The excited cheerleaders in the liberal media must do the right thing and demand answers.

Nonetheless, lest we think that Trump's major thrust will be to portray (with scandal-mongering) Biden as another Hillary Clinton, Bossie continues

On the all-important issue of fighting for the American worker and manufacturing jobs, let’s remember that the position of the Obama-Biden administration on lost manufacturing jobs was – as Obama put it – that “some of those jobs of the past are just not going come back.”

That destructive attitude, along with an outrageous regulatory regime, caused a net loss of nearly 200,000 manufacturing jobs as a result of the lack of leadership of Obama and Biden.

Since President Trump took office, 453,000 manufacturing jobs have been created in just two years as a result of his can-do spirit, his Make America Great Again optimism, and his pro-growth economic policies.

In 2016 President Obama asked then-candidate Trump “what magic wand do you have” when it comes to bringing back manufacturing jobs? This showed Obama and Biden had no answers then on how to create new jobs – and nothing has changed since.

The failed Obama-Biden mindset of “you didn’t build that” – so critical of America’s entrepreneurial spirit – must never be forgotten.

Another horribly misguided Obama-Biden foreign policy decision was their 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The deal was supposed to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power for at least a few years.

In a dangerous push to concoct some sort of liberal foreign policy legacy – and after mislabeling ISIS the “JV team” – Obama and Biden gave up the store on a deal that put an exclamation point on their failed eight-year policy of apologizing for America around the world....

You can’t finish an analysis of Biden’s record as Obama’s vice president without asking this all-important question: When it comes to the Obama administration’s efforts to try to stop Donald Trump from being elected president, what did Biden know and when did he know it?

Biden received daily intelligence briefings as vice president. Now that he has made himself a public figure again, he needs to answer for the fake Russian dossier and tell the American people why ex-British spy Christopher Steele was given carte blanche to peddle his lies throughout the highest levels of the Obama-Biden administration.

The American people deserve to know the truth about the fraudulent Russia collusion narrative that was perpetrated on them for two years – and what senior officials in the Obama administration were responsible for it.

Let’s face the fact that an enormous percentage of center-right voters in our country think the Obama-Biden administration was a total failure

In all, Bossie uses the word "Obama" or "Obama's" twenty-six (26) times, including seven times as "Obama-Biden."  

Bossie's criticism of President Obama is dishonest and largely bogus, and a Vice-President wields next to no power, anyway. However, Trump's attacks on Obama were invalid also in 2016 and didn't prevent voters (albeit a minority) from deciding that the previous eight years were no picnic, a perception very effectively exploited by the Republican nominee.

Nonetheless, Democratic voters (especially blacks) are Democratic voters, and Biden realizes that firmly attaching himself to Barack Obama's hip is his most likely (and probably only) path to the Democratic nomination. Potentially deadly in a general election, that connection is critical in a Democratic primary. Steve M more than once has linked to a tweet from a Democratic strategist who reported in March from his focus group among black women likely to vote in the South Carolina primary

The irony is that the same argument- that he can restore some of the Obama luster- which might yield a Biden nomination would present a huge obstacle to victory in November 2020.

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