Thursday, May 02, 2019

Westchester County Workers

Summarizing, there isn't much to say about Attorney General William Barr, except:

- He came;
- he lied;
- he won't go to the House (Judiciary Committee) because he is exposed and frightened

There isn't much to say about former Special Counsel Mueller- still a Justice Department employee- either except::

  - The Department of Justice will refuse to allow him to testify;
  -  A subpoena will be issued by the House of Representatives;
  -  The Justice Department will challenge the subpoena in court;
  -  Mueller will be free to testify promptly- if he resigns.

Unavoidably, a great deal more which would be a major scandal in any other Administration are reported but barely reach the consciousness of most voters as the President's effort to tear down the rule of law proceeds. Nevertheless,the Washington Post's Joshua Partlow and David Farenthold are on the job, on Tuesday writing

Allegations that workers were routinely shortchanged on their pay at President Trump’s suburban country club are now the subject of an inquiry by the New York attorney general, whose investigators have interviewed more than two dozen former employees....

In interviews, six former Trump workers told The Washington Post that they felt systematically cheated because they were undocumented. Some told The Post about being denied promotions, vacation days and health insurance, which were offered to legal employees. The same pattern of unpaid labor was also described by a former manager.

Others recounted practices that could violate labor laws. Two told The Post that they had been required to perform unpaid side work. Two others said managers made them work 60-hour weeks without paying them overtime.

Well, why not? If  here illegally and decline extra work or complain about working conditions, feel free to voice your complaints to the fellows at Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The report continued

A spokesman for the New York attorney general’s office confirmed that it had received complaints from workers about conditions at the club but declined to comment further.

The Trump Organization has denied the allegations, and workers who spoke to The Post did not keep paper records of the extra hours they said they worked.

But Juarez was among nearly 30 former employees at Trump’s golf courses in New York who met with prosecutors in February. They handed over pay stubs and W-2 forms and answered questions about their salaries, hours, tips and lack of benefits in one-on-one interviews over many hours, according to several workers. Some have follow-up meetings scheduled in coming weeks.

On Thursday, the Post published a follow-up by Partlow and Farenthold, who noted

There was a conscious effort to pay less wages because they knew about the lack of documents,” said the former manager, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal company policy. “You know, where are they going to go?”

Trump’s company called these accounts “nonsense.”

It is an ongoing theme of this blog that if an individual (or family) is in the USA illegally, he should not be here and, yes, should be deported. However, in the absence of such a policy, the immigrant should be treated decently, with dignity, and for his/her benefit (and that of the country) should be made a full-fledged American citizen.

That should be accomplished with little hassle and not with deliberate speed. If not done, the person is left vulnerable and subject to exploitation.  That is the case with at least a couple of Trump properties, another reason that any immigration proposal which comes out of this Administration must be treated with a great deal of suspicion.

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