Wednesday, August 07, 2019

At Least He's Not Dan Quayle

The Mayo Clinic explains that dementia

describes a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with your daily life. It isn't a specific disease, but several different diseases may cause dementia.

Though dementia generally involves memory loss, memory loss has different causes. Having memory loss alone doesn't mean you have dementia.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of a progressive dementia in older adults, but there are a number of causes of dementia. Depending on the cause, some dementia symptoms may be reversible.

The leading Democratic candidate for President does not have dementia. However
The avidly populist and anti-Obama Stoller is not the most objective individual to speculate openly that Joe Biden is senile. However, Merriam-Webster defines senility as "the physical and mental decline associated with old age; especially : the deterioration of cognitive functioning associated with old age."

Therefore, the answer, is "yes." Barely reported, but telling, was that

Former Vice President Joe Biden misstated the locations of mass shootings in El Paso,Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, while speaking to donors at a high-dollar fundraiser in San Diego on Sunday night.

Biden, 76, mistakenly referred to the shootings as “the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before," but later corrected himself, according to a pool report. Biden seemingly confused Houston for El Paso and Michigan for Ohio when speaking to donors about the shootings.

One mistake- or two mistakes in one remark- does not alone prove that an individual is senile. Senility is hard to pinpoint; President Trump, for instance, may be suffering from senility, mental illness, drug addiction, bad eyesight, or he might simply may saying as many destructive and evil things as possible.

However, Joe Biden is not mean-spirited or especially impulsive, and there is no hard evidence of physical deterioration. Yet, his performance in the first debate was terrible, and in the second, decent only by comparison.

It's undetermined what Biden meant when in the 8/31 event he remarked "The fact of the matter is I call for the immediate action to be taken. First of all, one of the things that - we're responsible for 15 percent of all the pollution in the country."

What or who is "we?" And that was before Biden in his closing statement, invited viewers to "go to Joe 33030," unaware that it is not a website address


Some people are still mentally sharp at age 76 and some are in steep decline by that point.  "What a waste it is to lose one's mind," Dan Quayle once commented.  Some people are in steep decline at age 76 while others are still mentally sharp. Democrats must convince themselves the latter is the case with Joe Biden before they select him to go against Donald Trump.

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