Monday, August 26, 2019

Really, Not So Bad

And at $21,500,000, Falcon Matt Ryan will receive less this year than seven other NFL quarterbacks, including the salary leader, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, who will pull down $71,000,000, and the Patriots' Tom Brady (who, paired with head coach Bill Bellichick, will earn $23,000,000). Quarterbacks of the Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, and Arizona Cardinals, and Jacksonville Jaguars also will make more than will Ryan. One quarterback will be paid less than him, but more than the $20,000,000 cited. (The quarterback who has played the position better than anyone ever- see below- comes in at a relatively paltry $15,000,000.)

Owning an NFL team is not only a lucrative investment, but a safe investment, owing to its socialistic practice of revenue sharing, which provides the vast majority of revenue for the teams. In 2017, the 32 teams thereby (a little more from other sources) gained approximately $250 million each, and their profit is not declining.

Seen in that context, it's slightly discouraging to read of the  "$20 million fund to be made available immediately to Amazon countries to combat forest fires and to launch a long-term initiative to protect the rainforest."  So there was no joint communique, little consensus, and a relatively small investment to fight the environmental disaster in South America. Given that it was a meeting involving Donald J. Trump, that would count as a success.

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