Saturday, May 02, 2020

Con Job

It was intriguing, but cryptic. Damning, but suspicious.  And I didn't know what to make of it.
Then I was linked to an article written on April 22 by Brian and Eddie Krassenstein of Medium.Now that tweet from Tara Reade doesn't seem so odd because "odd" is not the same as "con artist. The Krassensteins reported

Three weeks ago, we reported on the many contradictions in Reade’s account, as well as the extreme changes in her attitude toward the former vice president. She has evolved from a woman who repeatedly praised Joe Biden for work he’s done to help end sexual assault in America, in 2017, to someone who now says Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Now we’ve obtained new information concerning Tara Reade’s character, from a non-profit organization based in Watsonville, California, called Pregnant Mare Rescue (PMR). Lynn Hummer, Founder/President of the highly-rated horse sanctuary that’s committed to rescuing pregnant mares and orphan foals from abuse, tells us that Tara Reade (McCabe) volunteered at her rescue for a couple of years (from 2014–2016). During this time, Hummer alleges that Reade “stole from her nonprofit, lied, and created stories to obtain sympathy and money.”

We’ve also obtained receipts and emails that back up many of Hummer’s claims....

According to Hummer’s account, it didn’t take long for Reade to begin manipulating her. Whether it was Reade trying to convince Hummer to allow her to hide her vehicle on the ranch in order to avoid repossession, or Reade’s repeated requests for money, Hummer began to see a pattern forming.

There is no indication in the piece that Reade was asked for a response. Biden's accuser has weirdly accused The Nation's Joan Walsh of "paying or donating to" Hummer to accuse Reade.

Hummer, according to the article, stated that any reference to the man Reade now accuses of rape "was always positive in nature. Hummer recounts that Reade would say, 'You know, I used to work for Biden. I did a great deal of work for him on his campaign.'"

Of course, it is still possible that Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade. Masters of manipulation typically slip something true into the stories they make up. On Tuesday, for example, Donald Trump noted "Throughout this ordeal, millions of hardworking Americans have been asked to really make tremendous, tremendous sacrifices." Fact check: true.

But the odds are now very strong that Tara Reade significantly exaggerated Joseph R. Biden's behavior. The greater mystery now should be: why?

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