Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Little Fear Of Retaliation

We know she's only being ironic with the "boy, you uneed to know your place" but the fellow from Kentucky, unfortunately, knows what he is doing.

In early September of 2016, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco, and FBI Director Jim Comey

arrived on Capitol Hill in a caravan of black SUVs for a meeting with 12 key members of Congress, including the leadership of both parties.

The meeting devolved into a partisan squabble.

“The Dems were, ‘Hey, we have to tell the public,’ ” recalled one participant. But Republicans resisted, arguing that to warn the public that the election was under attack would further Russia’s aim of sapping confidence in the system.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) went further, officials said, voicing skepticism that the underlying intelligence truly supported the White House’s claims. Through a spokeswoman, McConnell declined to comment, citing the secrecy of that meeting.

Key Democrats were stunned by the GOP response and exasperated that the White House seemed willing to let Republican opposition block any pre-election move.....

 A "former senior Obama administration official involved in White House deliberations on Russia" later would admit "I feel like we sort of choked."

Mitch McConnell stared Barack Obama down, got him to keep his mouth shut, and it arguably cost Hillary Clinton an election. The "boy" doesn't have to "keep his mouth shut," though he's quiet whenever, as is usually the case, it is strategically wise to do so.

This is not "nevertheless, she persisted" Elizabeth Warren we're talking about. It's the former President and, tragically, Mitch McConnell knows how far he can push Barack Obama before the former President will speak up for himself and his Party. And no: eleven seconds on late night television won't get it done.

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