Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Dishonorable Conduct

Addressing the nation on Monday evening, President Trump stated "I am your president of law and order."  That was promptly after US military police demonstrated in Lafayette Park what Trump means by law and order:

And it looks like those tactics, and worse, are coming to a city near you:
This is one of the most egregious ones of these I’ve seen, and that’s saying a lot https://t.co/pQgRsc0bzF

That protester in Kansas City, who maintained that the police should quell unrest but tolerate peaceful dissent, evidently has a point. Two days earlier in Minneapolis, we saw an example of law enforcement, unable or unwilling to take on looters, may decide that law-abiding people are just the low-hanging fruit they need.

On a positive note, Donald Trump is warning us of what will happen if he is re-elected. Possibly worse, it may be a preview of Election Day.

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