Monday, June 15, 2020

Jonesing For A Scene

This interaction was important enough for a former ESPN host and current journalist at The Atlantic to post:
The police officer was calm, respectful and under control, unlike his questioner, who constantly interrupted him and clearly was looking to instigate a confrontation which would get even more likes and retweets than this one relatively uneventful one did. Though the officer identified himself, the questioner identified himself only as "good citizen," though he could have avoided using his last name by simply giving a first name. (Donald Trump take note: you now can use the moniker "honest broker.")

Perhaps Hill watched only the first 1:26 of the video because at 1:27 the supervisor on location uttered the money quote: "But it is abnormal for people to walk around a parking lot with an open-carry pistol." That was fundamental to the interaction.

This incident evidently occurred in South Carolina because of the reference to "You Tube Channel- News Now South Carolina." Open carry of a pistol is, notwithstanding the claim by Good Citizen, illegal in that state.

GC actually was breaking state law. However, even if he were not, he was walking in a public parking lot while he was brandishing a pistol. It would have been irresponsible for police officers to ignore someone walking around a parking lot with a firearm for no apparent reason.

It has become increasingly apparent that the left in this nation is only vaguely concerned about gun safety, which once appeared to be a significant issue. Nonetheless, it is so 2018, as Me Too is so 2017. You can figure out why.

Keeping it classy, GC concluded "and this di _ _, he was ready to shoot me. He's probably racist. That's probably his problem. But that's who tax dollars pay for. Bitch."

There is no reason to conclude the officer probably is racist, he wasn't ready to shoot the fellow, his name isn't Dick, and he's not a female dog. Other than that, our citizen of the year was spot-on.

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