Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Don't Ignore; Attack

Ever the propagandist, Trump TV's Steve Doocy can be seen at the end of the video below saying "and the RNC, by the way, did include a prayer for Jacob Blake in the very beginning."

Aside from the "thoughts and prayers," both Fox News- as the video indicates- and the Trump campaign are determined that viewers and voters find violent protests "terrifying" (beginning of the video) and are terrified by peaceful protesters.

So CNN host Don Lemon remarks that Joe Biden

gotta address it. He's gotta come out and talk about it. He's gotta do a speech like Barack Obama did about race. He's gotta come out and tell people that he is going to deal with the issue of police reform in this country and that what's happening now is happening under Donald Trump's watch.

It's happening under Donald Trump's watch. The dysfunction voters perceived in the country in 2016 (which ultimately led to loss of the presidency by the incumbent party) was arguably magnified as of even six months ago and is greatly magnified now.

Inevitably, someone will take the blame. The most obvious way for Americans to have their voices heard is every two, and especially every four, years and they will make one of the political parties pay (probably dearly) for what they see on television and in video. 

Most individuals know what Joe Biden doesn't, that all is not sweetness and light, and will not be after November. Further, they have heard President Trump encouraging state violence. Therefore, a prayer for Jacob Blake will convince no one of anything. But the pictures, and the Fox reporter calling the events "terrifying," will. The GOP and their media lackeys are embarking on a full-court press to persuade voters that the Democratic Party is responsible for the mayhem, which widely-played video dramatizes and exaggerates.

Therefore, as Lemon points out, it is necessary to tell Americans that this is happening under Trump's watch. And then remind them. And remind them. And.... not Joe Biden, not Nancy Pelosi, but Democrat after Democrat must say This is Trump's America.

Democratic candidates and surrogates (and Biden if he makes the recommended speech) should include this:

Democrats, don't mince words. By and large, Americans do believe there is a "race war" or will be one. Use those words- and use the word "terrorists" to describe the culprits.  Show the voters that Democrats do not fear the word "terrorists."

And don't give a free pass to the police.  A lot of Democrats would be astonished how many whites, even conservative whites, have come to distrust police- and not primarily because of law enforcement's anti-black bias.  Whether because of visual evidence, personal experiences (perhaps with a motor vehicle), or maybe just knowing one cop they don't like, citizens do not have a comic-book view of police.

Consequently, it is not helpful, nor even necessary, for their presidential nominee (and vice-presidential nominee) to continue implying that Democrats are pressing these points on behalf of blacks.  There is bias, we know already and are constantly reminded; Democrats must change the narrative by persuading voters that they are acting on behalf of all Americans.

Stress that there will be more of this if Donald Trump is re-elected. Rhetorically establishing the link between police and armed militias has two benefits. It puts Republicans on the defensive- and it warns the populace of what is likely to prevail, to a much greater degree, if Donald Trump is re-elected.


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