Friday, August 28, 2020

Voter Fraud, Presidential Division

President Trump has played golf an awful lot since he entered office. As of late May, he had been at a golf club once very 4.92 days, after President Obama  and played golf once every 8.77 days. And of course he makes a killing while doing so; after all, what is the point of there even being a Donald Trump if he does squeeze every last penny out of anyone he can. 

As of now, the federal government (otherwise known as taxpayers) has paid the President's businesses $900,000, approximately $570,000 as a result of Trump's travel, which has included 271 days spent at a property he owns. But most of the time he is in Washington, D.C.

One of the Trump properties is Mar-a-Lago, the resort in Palm Beach, Florida, which the President claims as his home, which if  true would enable him to vote as a Floridian.

Which is curious because documents obtained by TheWashington Post, in light of the President's effort to obtain approval for a boat dock at the resort, indicated that Trump

agreed in writing years ago to change the use of the Mar-a-Lago property from a single-family residence to a private club owned by a corporation he controls.

The distinction is significant. The property is taxed as a private club — not as a residence, according to Palm Beach County property appraiser records. Trump’s own attorney assured local officials in Palm Beach before they voted to approve the club in 1993 that he would not live there. Mar-a-Lago’s website says only that Trump maintains “private quarters” at the club.

“It’s one or the other — it’s a club or it’s your home,” Reginald Stambaugh, an attorney who represents a neighbor opposed to Trump’s dock plan, said in a recent interview. “You can’t have it both ways.”

Alas, President Donald J. Trump, the Chosen One, can have it both ways. In his acceptance speech on the grounds of the White House Thursday night, he declared

The fact is, I am here. What is the name of that building? But I’ll say it differently, the fact is, we are here and they are not. To me, one of the most beautiful buildings anywhere in the world is not a building, it is a home, as far as I am concerned. It’s not even a house, it is a home. Wonderful place with an incredible history. But it is all because of you.

Asking the nation to re-elect him, Trump suggested the People's House was his private domicile, thereby making him a resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, "a home, as far as I am concerned," in Washington, D.C.

But District of Columbia residents are second-class citizens and  elections are barely contested there while Florida is a swing state. So Donald Trump votes as a resident of Palm Beach, Florida.

In March, Donald Trump voted by mail as a resident of Palm Beach, Florida, where he does not live. However, he is claiming to be a resident there- except when he illegally conducted his campaign rally Thursday night in front of the White House.

It's not the President's greatest crime or con. However, when the media reports GOP complaints about illegal voting, Donald Trump should be unmasked as someone who knowingly and intentionally has committed voter fraud, and recently.

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