Saturday, October 03, 2020

The Plea To Vote For The Pro-Coronavirus Candidate

A right-wing activist has a thought:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died of pancreatic cancer and President Trump will receive the best medical care in the nation, if not the world, and probably fully recover (which would be a good thing). Ginsburg was a legal giant; Trump has spent a lifetime skirting the law, the last 3+ years violating it. And who can forget this, from exactly one year prior to the announcement that Trump had contracted Covid-19

As of this writing, it is uncertain when Trump knew that the coronavirus test he took Wednesday was positive. It may have been before, it may have been after, he traveled to Minnesota on Wednesday for a fundraiser and on Thursday to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey for an indoor roundtable, without masks, with 18 donors.

However, we do know that on the previous Saturday, there was an announcement of a Supreme Court nomination, outdoors but including the prolifically hugging Senator Mike Lee and former governor Chris Christie, chatting away with a large number of the more than 150 guests, most of them without masks. Those two, and University of Notre Dame president John Jenkins, have since tested positive.(There have been numerous others, including three reporters, who most assuredly did not deserve this.)

The maskless included nominee Amy Coney Barrett, because nothing says "pro-life" better than putting the life of one's family, friends, and supporters in peril. Trump himself conducted numerous rallies without a face covering in front of thousands of devotees similarly unprotected and mocked people who wear masks and otherwise don't try to kill of the people they come into contact with.

We know also that the Trump posse arrived at Tuesday's debate with masks, took them off after being seated, were asked by a Cleveland Clinic doctor to wear a mask and were offered masks by a clinic official. Trump's guests (aside from Melania Trump) waved them off, because nothing says "law and order" better than disregarding the rules of the Cleveland Clinic and ordinance of the city of Cleveland.

Less well known is that there was a handshake agreement that the two candidates and their entourages had been tested, and tested negative, by their respective campaigns.  The Trumpists arrived later than all others associated with the debate, leaving insufficient time for them to be tested.  They were on the honor system and- you will no doubt be shocked- proved not to be honorable.

And this:

Conservative hypocrisy aside, the evidence continues to mount. If President Eugenicist were determined to demonstrate that only the people endowed with the best genes deserve to survive, he would have acted and spoken exactly as he has. And if had set out to send the number of casualties beyond 100,000, beyond 200,00, ad infinitum, he couldn't be doing a better job  I hope Charles Kirk will not be distraught in the absence of an apology.

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