Thursday, October 29, 2020

Tucker And Hunter

Friday is a good day for snark:

After extensively quoting Carlson, the Daily Beast remarks

Tucker Carlson’s office received secret documents from a source that could change the course of the election, asked for them to be shipped across the country rather than scanned and securely emailed, his producer sent them off, and they have now been stolen from a mail facility, and no one knows what happened.

According to a text exchange posted on Twitter by Salon’s Roger Sollenberger, Carlson stated that copies or photos were made of the documents before seemingly asserting that this episode was proof that he was being spied upon.

If copies or photographs of the documents were made and they are the least bit negative, we'll know even before you read this. More likely, either they don't reflect badly on Hunter Biden, much of the story is made up, or it is all made up.

I hate to criticize someone who admits "re-tweets are emphatic endorsements" rather than the standard "re-tweets are not necessarily endorsements." Still, this reminds me of the Tucker Carlson who revealed the address of a reporter and family, alleging without hard evidence that the reporter was going to reveal Carlson's address in an upcoming story, after which the reporter's address and other personal information inevitably made the rounds on social media.

This is the way the GOP and their hacks do things, which a President Biden will need to know. And he'll need to understand it so that he recognizes what he's up against and be determined to overcome.


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