Saturday, November 07, 2020

Or What They Would Call God's Will

At a rally for President Trump on October 27 in Phoenix, attendee Cynthia Manville stated to a reporter

We have no fears because there's a conservative Supreme Court now. We feel if Democrats cast legislation that's radical liberal, it wouldn't stand the test of time. God has a certain way of watching over this country.

A lot of people agree with that, including the "handful of women kneeling outside of the building" in the video (below) of Trump supporters praying Thursday outside of the Clark County Election Headquarters in Nevada. The video was posted by CBS News Producer Alyssa Estrada, who remarked "They tell me they're praying justice will be done and righteousness prevails."



Alas, their prayers for justice and righteousness, assuming (as they very likely did) they were appealing to an all-powerful, micro-managing God, have been answered.

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