Saturday, January 23, 2021

For Some, Mask Optional

During the second presidential debate, moderator Kristin Welker noted that many black parents believe their children can become "targeted, including by the police, for no reason other than the color of their skin." She continued, "Mr. Vice President, in the next two minutes, I want you to speak directly to these families. Do you understand why these parents fear for their children?"

Biden responded "we have bigger things to worry about."

Indeed, we did, especially the coronavirus in the short run and climate change in the long run. Yet, Biden did not answer in such a pithy, dismissive manner, lest he be pilloried. Nevertheless


The day after Joe Biden became President, on the day we learned that the number of dead Americans from SARS CoV-2 had exceeded 404,000 (plus many uncounted), we learned also that we have bigger things to worry about than Covid-19.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and in the accommodating weather of the summer, the driving issue was the black lives matter movement, and the Democratic nominee was eager to reply to Welker's question. Reportedly, for President Biden it is now the pandemic, necessitating "a full-scale wartime effort to address the supply shortages by ramping up production."

But we have bigger things to worry about than Covid-19, which requires a "wartime effort." Psaki, maskless lecturing reporters wearing masks, referred to "the requirements that we're all under every single day here to make sure we're sending that message (of protection) to the public."

Hypocrisy and hierarchy, the latter prompting the former. However, with a bar set extremely low, this Administration, including the Press Secretary, will be far more honest and transparent than the last. Perfection!


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