Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Greene Party

He could have- but he wasn't asked that question.  Instead, Hutchinson (as was Raddatz's next guest, Bernie Sanders) was asked "is she fit to serve and should she be on the Education Committee?"

As one of the commenters notes, the wisest answer would have been "I agree with almost nothing that Nancy Pelosi believes in but I don’t think threats should be made against her life.”

It's Politics 101; never answer the question asked. In this case, answering a different question would have been smarter because the correct answers to Raddatz's questions were a) it depends; and b) no.

Hutchinson responded

Well, that’s -- first of all, the people of her district elected her and that should mean a lot. They elected her and she’s going to run for re-election and she’ll be accountable for what she said and her actions.

Representative Greene can be recalled (a heavy lift) by the voters of her congressional district. If that isn't done, she can be denied re-nomination by Republican Party voters. And if re-nominated, she can be defeated in the general election.

Clearly the House GOP caucus should deny Taylor Greene a seat on any committee which, of course, it won't, because it is the Republican Party. However, whether Taylor Greene is "fit' to serve in the House of Representatives depends on the meaning of the ambiguous term "fit."

When he was asked whether the Georgian is "fit to serve," even Senator Sanders punted. He answered in relevant part "I think this is something the Republican Party has got to deal with," a more diplomatic expression of "no way am I touching that."

Inasmuch as neither politician saw fit to answer, "is she fit to serve" turns out to have been a good question. But Republicans also should be asked whether they agree with their colleague from Georgia that Nancy Pelosi should be shot. It would be telling to find out, after expressing their horror at being asked, how many Republicans would be willing to say "no."


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