Friday, July 30, 2021

An Optimism Unsuited For The Times

Not comedian Noel Casler, who maintains Jared Kushner is starting an investment firm because he intends to attract funds for another run at the presidency by his father-in-law. Casler warns (beginning at 1:56 of his "rant")

So if you think these guys are getting stopped, they're not. I guarantee you they threw Tom Barrack to the wolves as a distraction just like you'd throw a body off the back of a truck when you're being chased by the cops or something. You know?

These guys are using human shields, they're continuing their grift, and they're continuing to keep the channels open that allowed them to become so powerful in the first place, and you gotta stop them.

Having worked on the set of The Apprentice, Casler recognizes Trump's insatiable desire for wealth and power and willingness to use virtually any means to achieve unsavory ends.  He is not joking about the deadly significance of this moment in time. Similarly

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) became the third member of Congress to be arrested during nonviolent protests aimed at rallying support for federal voting legislation that activists say are necessary to push back against new restrictive state laws.

“We pass the Voting Rights Act because my people in Texas are suffering, my people in Mississippi are suffering, my people in Georgia are suffering,” Jackson Lee said shortly before Capitol Police officers prepared to arrest her and six others who blocked the entrance to the Hart Senate Office Building. “We are here to say that voting rights is a fundamental constitutional right. … We will not be moved.”

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) was arrested at the Hart Senate Office Building last week. The week before, Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, was cuffed with zip ties and briefly detained.

This realism and seriousness does not extend to the Democratic street.  In a poll from The Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research,  "53% of Democrats say they are pessimistic about U.S. politics generally " However, 60% were "optimistic about the future of the Democratic Party" and only 14% were pessimistic.

Yet, Democrats were optimistic  because of passage of the pandemic response package and widespread distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Additionally, they cited "displacing Trump's bombastic leadership style."

Unless he dies, Donald Trump isn't going anywhere. His Party will still be defending, supporting, and following the man who describes himself as "the chosen one." His bombastic leadership style got him elected once and Republicans appear poised to retake both chambers of Congress next year, whereupon the GOP would be in a stronger position to reinforce those efforts to rig elections in decisive states. 

Joe Biden was able to take down Donald Trump- temporarily- because of high turnout by a Democratic electorate motivated by the clear and present danger it didn't recognize in 2016. The likes of Noel Casler and Representative Lee have a difficult task in rousing the left from its stupor. If  Democrats wait until the next presidential election year to recognize the GOP's determination to tear down democracy, it may be too late.


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