Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A Death Discomfiting to Media

You'll see little of this case on MSNBC or on CNN. You'll see little of this on Fox, though for a different reason. Last week, USA Today (its emphasis) reported

Two Colorado parents say they want prosecutors to file criminal charges after their 22-year-old son was fatally shot by police during an apparent mental health crisis in June.

Body-camera footage released this week shows police breaking Christian Glass' car window and a Clear Creek County sheriff’s deputy firing five rounds at Glass while he was inside his car.

The incident happened after Glass called 911 for roadside assistance in the small mountain town of Silver Plume, Colorado, roughly 45 miles west of Denver.

The case is renewing calls from advocates that police must prioritize de-escalation when responding to mental health crises, instead of reacting with force....

What happened in June: After Christian Glass' June 11 death, the Clear Creek County Sheriff's office issued a news release saying that Glass was shot after he became “argumentative and uncooperative” and tried to stab an officer when police broke a car window to grab him.

But body-cam footage shows Glass pleading with officers and at one point offering to disarm himself by throwing his knives out of his car window.

What's happening now: Colorado's Fifth Judicial District, which includes Clear Creek County, said it is investigating the case along with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. They plan to eventually issue a report on the shooting or present the case to a grand jury, which would decide if indictments should be issued.

This story has been nearly buried. Blue Lives Matter Fox is absent because it conflicts with its narrative that local and state police can do no wrong.

But where is Benjamin Crump when we need him?  Crump, who appears beside any black family whose member has been shot by police, is nowhere to be found. CNN and MSNBC can't be bothered, probably for the same reason.

We don't know all the details about this case- yet cable news became obsessed with other "police-involved shootings" before those facts were in.  Much of the media yearned for reform as it celebrated the transparency it brought to bear upon those incidents. Christian Glass, his family, and a public which needs to understand the full range of law enforcement activity deserve no less. 


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