Monday, October 03, 2022

Must Not Question Kamala

On Friday evening's Real Time, Bill Maher criticized Kamala Harris and the anti-free speech left (fortunately, a minority of, unfortunately, a minority) is triggered.

One individual commented "Kamala Harris naturally  terrifies men like Van Jones and Bill Maher, who are poster boys for MSM mediocrity."

It takes a lot of imagination to imagine Maher terrified by Kamala Harris, whom he has never met and who presents no threat to him personally.  One tweeter contended "People like Bill Maher will always find something “off-putting” about someone like Kamala Harris. Black women in authority never sits well with the Bill Mahers." Maher commended the nomination of Kentanji Brown Jackson to the US Supreme Court, but whatever.

Yet, still another critic, who identifies as an "investigative journalist" and "she" and "they" argues

Bill Maher has always been awful, always been racist af, always had the worst misogynist not takes, always been a right-leaning Libertarian who's now gone full anti-vaxxer loon, but y'all keep watching him. Pro-tip: Spend your time with better men.

If she had paid attention, Ms. Brownworth would know that Maher always has been a left-leaning libertarian or left-leaning libertine. "Full-vaxxer loon" reflects a gross exaggeration of his view of vaccination; also, an ad hominem attack which suggests little reflection.

However, the critics are not there to slam Maher for his views on Covid-19 or anything else but to vilify him as a "racist," sometimes employing a form of the expression, sometimes not. Many others, imploring HBO to cancel Maher's show, clearly want to cancel the comedian, and primarily for that reason.

The hundreds of tweets maligning Maher over the past couple of years rarely- if ever- include an explanation of why the Real Time host is racist. Responding to Friday's show, the detractors evidently are apoplectic because he remarked that the Vice President is "a bad politician (and) a very bright person."

Nonetheless, one cannot be certain. Most tweeters following Friday evening's telecast were not specific about what Maher said which so exorcised them.

But that's how it is in this era with a portion of the left, overly represented on social media. Criticizing or even questioning an individual who is not non-Hispanic white provokes denunciation by social media addicts.  It is a sad state of affairs for a country once admired for its protection of free expression and of those who would exercise it.


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