Saturday, October 08, 2022

Tweet of the Day- Inflation

The unemployment rate isn't tangible to most people. And if you've recently obtained employment, you probably don't credit the President of the USA. So, no one cares.

Inflation is more tangible than job creation to people. It's especially important politically as expressed in gas prices, which drivers recognize as they stop at a gas station, or even pass by one and observe the numbers posted. Thus, from "an organizational strategy hub for left-leaning organizations that helps identify key elections":


(Wife, presumably): "Did you get coffee?"

(Husband, presumably): "I did. And it got us right back."

(Wife, presumably): "What? Whoa. This inflation is no joke."

(Husband, presumably): "Yeah. Republicans need to stop whining and start helping."


Many independent voters blame both sides, which they experience as complaining, as whining.  Talk, talk, talk and nothing gets done, they themselves complain. They're looking for elected officials to do something.

Inflation is the issue most on the minds of voters, and this ad turns the issue back on the GOP. Democratic politicians themselves are reluctant to blame Republicans but this ad reminds voters that Republicans complain without offering solutions. Nice.


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