Thursday, October 06, 2022

Tweet of the Day- If Abortion is Murder, Convince its Opponents

Over the last few days, there have been great tweets pertaining to the Republican candidate for United States Senator representing Georgia.

Most of the Republican street which identifies as "pro-life" believes abortion is "murder" because it does not understand that "murder" is unlawful killing. If abortion had been murder and thus illegal, the practice would have been far rarer and pro-life folks would have been far less exorcised by it.

Still, the "pro-life" contingent of GOP voters does believe that abortion is killing. Thus, Hayes recognizes that according to what these individuals claim, Herschel Walker paid to have his child murdered. And the nearly unmistakable conclusion in the failure of any prominent Republicans to criticize Walker is that they don't actually believe that abortion is the termination of human life..

For years I've been noticing the habit of GOP legislators in Republican-dominated states to ban abortion and provide for punishment to doctors but either omit reference to. or actually exempt from penalty, the woman soliciting the procedure. Though rarely acknowledged, it was clear that a major contingent of forced-birth public officials or pundits has believed either that abortion is not killing or it's nevertheless acceptable.

Nonetheless, much (if not most) of the conservative street believes that abortion is killing and reproductive freedom must be considerably curtailed.  So now we have the new GOP slogan: "Abortion is murder. Let's make the guy who paid for one a Senator."



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