Thursday, November 03, 2022

Con Men

Put Reverend Al Sharpton together with Joe Scarborough, a reprehensible discussion is likely to follow- but not quite to this extent.

The MSNBC host noted (below) on November 3 a Pew Research Center poll which indicates that 82% of black Democrats but only 33% of white Democrats believe "violent crime is very important to mid term vote."  He added

This explains so much of what you've been trying to tell us and teach us for two years, that white, woke latte liberals sit in Park Slope and say "oh, don't talk about crime, that's racist." But you say everybody in the congregation is telling you crime's a top issue.

This is a  white, woke latte conservative criticizing white, woke latte liberals.  Formerly, currently, and forever a right-winger, Scarborough changed his tune- without changing his ideology on core issues- when a few years ago Donald Trump on his way to the presidency viciously attacked Scarborough and his co-host (now also, wife) Mika Brzezinski. 

When George Floyd protests broke out twenty-nine months ago, Scarborough jumped onboard, probably both to placate his guests and position himself as newly woke, all the while criticizing people who are "woke." Still a supporter of lowering taxes for the wealthy, cutting entitlements/earned benefits, deficit reduction if it doesn't affect the Pentagon, reduced government regulation, and free (rather than fair) trade. he yearns for conservative candidates less crude and rude than Donald Trump.

But that is Joe Scarborough, former Republican congressman. Al Sharpton, once an overweight, poorly-dressed, race-based activist, has now transitioned into a slimmed-down, well-dressed race-based activist and informal Democratic spokesman.

The last attribute is subject to change based on Sharpton's decades-long need for self-promotion and taking a swipe at whites. He responded to Scarborough

Everywhere I've gone this year and you know I preach to different congregations every Sunday because my ministry is National Action Network- it's all people talk to me about. Reverend, we get it about police reform. We get it about voting rights but what about crime? Why aren't you talking about that? So I didn't get this out of some great study. I got this from real people. I got this from people.

As against unreal people, we are to suppose- perhaps those "white, woke latte liberals" (perhaps others) Scarborough mentioned. Of course, blacks are on the whole more concerned about crime than are whites, Asian-Americans, or Latinos. It is more prevalent in black communities than elsewhere, and so it is more likely to be uppermost in the minds of African-Americans than in non-blXKA. That is totally apart from what to do about it, which presumably was not polled. Sharpton continues

And you know Reverend Mike Waldon- outstanding minister in Harlem, said this woke analysis of we don't want police comes from privileged people because people that are not privileged need police on the ground to deal with the carjackings, deal with home invasions, deal with that they can't walk to the subway, get on the subway landings and step back because they're afraid of being pushed in front of the train.

This is a daily reality. There are women and men getting ready for work right now that are afraid to go to the subway station right no, afraid to walk. That's not exaggeration, that's explaining. If we don't address that, we're not rally dealing with the masses that we claim to speak for.

Public officials have tried to address that. Mayor Mike Bloomberg instituted stop-and-frisk in New York City to deal with the proliferation, possession, and use of illegal firearms, which in other instances Al Sharpton has, however disingenuously, decried. The policy was extremely controversial, significantly curbed by the courts, and its use declined measurably.

But during the several years in which this policy was under attack and he called for "police reform and accountability," Sharpton never suggested an alternative to stop-and-frisk.   Three themes were obvious: 1) Police brutalize black citizens; 2) Police brutalize black citizens; 3) Police brutalize black citizens.

Hints of Reverend Sharpton's trinity were evident decades ago. When in 1987 fifteen year old Tawana Brawley unbelievably claimed she had been raped by a group of white men, Reverend Sharpton took up her cause while accusing various officials of covering up the alleged crime (later determined definitively to have been a hoax) because of racial bias, and he and Brawley were successfully sued by county prosecutor Steven Pagones.  Sharpton paid off his debt with funds from supporters, the National Action Network. To this day, Sharpton claims that he actually believed Brawley, which if true would make him the most naive race hustler in New York City history.

In 1990 Sharpton played a leading role in the boycott of  Korean-owned grocery stores in Brooklyn, precipitated by a perceived slight to a black woman. The following year

... after a Chasidic Jew accidentally killed a young black child in a car accident, Sharpton went to Crown Heights, where he spoke at the funeral for the child. There, he said that “diamond merchants” had “blood of innocent babies” on their hands. He also said, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” The Crown Heights riots led to the death of Yankel Rosenbaum, an Orthodox Jewish student. Rosenbaum’s brother told TruthRevolt, “He has never apologized, he has never offered any sincere remorse for the atrocious things he has done by way of terrible racist behavior and lies, for inciting racial events. Anybody who takes a look at that person and wants to spend advertising dollars on him should take a hard look at their moral stance in terms of their position in business, in commerce, and in the community.”

There were other incidents because Al Sharpton was all in on racial antagonism, and still is. Currently, he is the beneficiary of an ongoing effort at MSNBC to portray him as a responsible member of the media, with a one-hour show and guest appearances with Joe Scarborough and other hosts.

It has been over 35 years of Al Sharpton featuring racial exploitation and division.  Now Sharpton's shtick is that woke whites are disregarding the fear of crime pervasive in black neighborhoods and which the residents are powerless to address.

While presented in a different complexion, it bears a similarity to those "pointy-headed bureaucrats" the late and not-great George Corley Wallace once excoriated. A misleading narrative, it boosts Republican electoral chances and helps Joe Scarborough establish the reputation for being a friend to the black community he is carefully cultivating.


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