Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Jumping to Conclusions

Uh, no.


Proportionality in American politics has died. Republicans beat into submission; the left has dealt the final blow.. Worse yet, because it comes from a real journalist and MSNBC's most thoughtful host:

The narrator of the ad stated

When did racism against white people become O.K.?

Joe Biden put white people lat in line for Covid relief funds. Kamala Harris said disaster aid would go to non-white citizens first. Liberal politicians block access to medicine based on skin color. Progressive organizations, airlines, universities all openly discriminate against white Americans.

Racism's always wrong. The left's anti-white bigotry must stop. We are all entitled to equal treatment under law.

America First Legal paid for this ad.


Claiming "racism against white people" is not identical to being racist. Similarly, most discrimination against, or hostility toward, blacks or other racial minorities is not inherent racism or even impelled by racist belief. Bias, yes; racism, no, or at least not commonly.

After the broad claim that racism against whites is a thing, America First Legal offers six alleged examples of discrimination committed: by:  President Biden for Covid relief funds; Vice President Harris in how she believes disaster aid should be distributed; liberal politicians on access to medicine; progressive organizations, airlines and universities for unspecified discrimination. Perhaps all of these charges are accurate, or some of them, or none.

We don't know because the ad maker includes no detail- also, because the critics, such as The Tennessee Holler and Chris Hayes don't refute it, choosing instead to smear it as identical to the racism of the Ku Klux Klan or David Duke.

But that is the way political ads and Twitter roll. Nonetheless, this piece is not David Duke-level bigotry, as reflected here and here:

"...our only racial salvation lies in a White racial alliance uniting our people with the common cause of racial idealism." (1970)

"In modern America, Jews lead the effort to de-Christianize America. ... They share little of the heritage of the Old Testament people called the Israelites. … Communism and Zionism were born from the same Jewish soul. ... Jewish power is ubiquitous. ... It is not a [Jewish] conspiracy. It is simply two nations — Jew and Gentile — in a state of ethnic war." (1998)

"Increasingly independent black economic, cultural and political power gave Blacks more freedom to do what came natural to them. Divorced from White influence and culture, they reverted quickly to their genotype -- increasingly typical of black societies around the world. Males exhibited exaggerated sexual aggression and promiscuity that led to the dissolution of the Black nuclear family in America. Females reverted to the age-old African model of maternal provisioning of children." (1998)

"What I learned about them, I liked. But it also seemed that the liberal line was not entirely correct, for it was obvious that racial differences went far beyond skin color. It would be difficult to categorize all the distinctions I noticed. In fact, I made no effort to catalogue them at the time, but their differences ranged all the way from physical characteristics to more subtle differences such as extreme aversion for work in cold weather. On cold days, when I felt invigorated, my black co-workers seemed lethargic." (1998)

"When the American people saw the LA riots and crowds of Blacks cheering O.J. Simpson (who was acquitted by the almost all Black jury), they received a peek into their future." (2000)

"Jewish groups lead the effort for Europe and America to take a catastrophic flood of non-European refugees slash terrorists slash rapists slash criminals." (2016)

Although Duke traditionally has been arguably as energized by contempt for Jewsas for blacks, two of the statements from his 1998 autobiography "My Awakening" are especially evocative of his racist perspective. Duke commented "divorced from White influence and culture, they (i.e., blacks) reverted quickly to their genotype" and "it was obvious that racial differences went far beyond skin color."

Duke's prejudice- if his words are to be believed- derived from the racist idea that blacks are inherently inferior to whites.  That goes far beyond the belief that blacks in American society are granted privileges or even that the culture of African-Americans is dysfunctional in some ways. It goes to the conviction that God or evolution made them lesser human beings (perhaps not even human beings), which is of a greater level of bigotry. Not all bigotry is alike


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