Thursday, November 24, 2022

What Goes Around Comes Around

In midst of an ad campaign nearly two years ago in which she flaunted her decision to carry a firearm around the District of Columbia, the Denver Post reported

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert — who has vowed to carry her Glock across Washington, D.C., and was rebuked by the city’s police chief for saying so — caused a minor incident at a security stop at the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday night.

The Rifle Republican reportedly attempted to walk through newly installed metal detectors, which sounded as she did. She then refused to turn over her bag to Capitol Police, who in turn refused to let her enter House chambers, according to reporters on the scene.

It’s not clear how the matter was resolved.

Then last December, the

gun-toting Colorado Republican who is under threat of being removed from her committee assignments for Islamophobic comments targeted at fellow lawmakers, faced more backlash on Wednesday after sharing a family photo showing her four children posing with guns in front of a Christmas tree.

"The Boeberts have your six, @RepThomasMassie!" Boebert wrote on Twitter late Tuesday, in apparent solidarity with GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, a fellow gun enthusiast, who faced criticism for posting a similar photo last week of his family proudly holding firearms in front of their Christmas tree. Both families appeared smiling while heavily armed ahead of the holiday season.

In the wake of the Colorado Springs massacre, for which the congresswoman expressed condolences, Boebert was criticized by several Democrats for anti-LGBTQIA/pro-gun sentiments.

Boebert says she’s also a victim of the Club Q shooting: “I’ve been accused of just about every mass shooting there has been. I’ve been blamed for all of it. It has to come to an end. The Left is pissed I won my election, so they’re trying to find something to go after me about.”

I'll take some cheese with that whine. Though even gun-loving members of Congress such as Boebert shouldn't be held primarily responsible for mass shootings, the congresswoman obviously has brought this upon herself.

Opposing gun safety- as do most Republicans- would not have earned Boebert the scorn she did.  She has chosen not to be a gun control skeptic but a pro-gun, in-your-face, whatever-the-law-is-I-don't-care belligerent.

An old advertising slogan ran "you asked for it, you got it, Toyota." Own it, Lauren- you asked for it, you got it. 

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