Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Keep It Serious

What do President Joseph R. Biden and New York City Pride demonstrators have in common? 


The PRIDE flag was displayed as prominently as the American flag and both movements evidently are unconcerned about provoking a backlash:

Just a guess here, but that might not be good politics.  Undoubtedly meant as a joke, it does provide fodder for endless clips on Fox News. 

The last sentence of the second tweet below gives a glimpse into the connection with Joe Biden:

Perhaps members of the LGBTQIA++  community shouldn't be telling jokes in full public view, video likely to follow at a more strategic time.  (Fox News showed plenty of clips before last fall's election of violence from the black lives protest of 24+ months earlier.) Nor should others. In a major upset, in the tweet below, propaganda outfit RNC Research is taking nothing out of context.

The remark comes quickly, at :08 of the gathering with India's Prime Minister Modi and others.


This was presumably meant in jest. (It had everyone rolling on the carpet.)  As we've all noticed, Donald Trump and other Republicans periodically say something offensive, are called on it, and then claim to have been joking.

Joe Biden is no Donald Trump. However, his remark was so out of context and lacking in cleverness that it only can be presumed to have been a joke. With some exceptions- and these two occasions were not that- comedy should be left to comedians. The best remedy for the President and for LGBTQIA++ activists is not to try to be jocular or humorous, witty or whimsical. Just play it straight. Well, sort of.

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