Tuesday, August 01, 2023


If you're looking for a good liar, look no further than Jesse Waters.

Donald Trump is an outlier. The best liars are ones who make statements which few individuals, especially few individuals, in the audience will know are inaccurate. So if you're looking for a good liar, look no further than Jesse Waters of Fox News (of course).

It's very likely that Watters knew his statement was false. The International Monetary Fund consists of 190 members of the United Nations.  As the world's largest economy, the USA contributes a disproportionate amount of the organization's finances and holds 16.50% of the IMF's votes .Its Chief Economist currently is Pierre-Olivier Gourinhas of France and its Managing Director is Kristalina Georgieva of Bulgaria. Whatever its influence, the USA does not own nor even control the International Monetary Fund.

Of course, this is Single-A ball next to Trump's constant stream of lies, with a substantial number believed by a majority of his fans, which is nearly a majority of the nation's voters.  Nonetheless, it is the sort of thing which should reinforce Water's status as one of Fox News' stars.

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