Monday, November 06, 2023

Jewish Voice For Abolishing Israel

As far as is known, Jewish Voice for Peace is not a comedy troupe.
Nonetheless, the group would be better as a comedy troupe. "Stop trying to tell Palestinians what they mean when they call for freedom." Sorry, no. Just no. The "don't take me literally" cry has been popular with the Donald Trump crew and the LGBTQIA+ community. Words, though, have meaning and "from the river to the sea" obviously refers to eradication of Israel as we know it.

Exactly right:

The conservative columnist and podcaster Jonah Goldberg notes

Any other phrase, word, or term that gives offense or threatens violence to any other group is deemed unacceptable by social justice types. But here we're supposed to ignore what the mass murderers and terrorists mean by the phrase and act as if it's unfair to not give Rashida Tlaib et al every benefit of the doubt when they're clearly using it as a dog whistle.

The hypocrisy is obvious, although little should be canceled if it merely gives offense. However, the slogan does threaten violence to residents of Israel and closely parallels the Hamas charter. Since the slaughter of 10/7, which (further) revealed what Hamas plans for Israelis, the slogan has become more ubiquitous as the world has become less appalled by the massacre and less comfortable with the existence of Israel in the Mideast.

Supporters, whether identifying as a Jew, Christian, or anything else, must remain vigilant by condemning the continued aspiration for elimination of the Jewish state clothed in a catchy, rhyming, murderous slogan.

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