Saturday, November 25, 2023

Pause the Nonsense

Trying to present a pro-Hamas- uh, pro-Palestinian- message, these young women are confused.

At a pro-Hamas- I mean, pro-Palestinian- rally in Washington, D.C., one woman speaks and then the other, remarking

We're here to call for a ceasefire. We're here to call for an end to the illegal occupation of occupied Palestine and then Palestinian liberation. And liberation for all, including those who are indigenous to North America.

It's just a guess, but the call for "liberation for all" does not include Israelis, given that the slogan of Palestinian liberation is "from the river to the sea" (the eastern to the western borders of Israel) "Palestine will be free."

One woman continues "They have decided to pause- a humanitarian pause, when in fact there is still a genocide occurring today in the U.S. to indigenous people in America." She proposes consumers avoid buying products on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to stop "genocide of Palestinians and the genocide of people in America."  

The 2023 defense budget stands at $816.7 billion. Although a great deal of that is appropriated for purposes other than weaponry, the inability of the USA military to wipe out- commit genocide- against indigenous people is both startling and terrifying. Even if "indigenous" included everyone born in this nation (as it literally does), the genocide could not fail.

The "Stop Cop City" (in Fulton County, Ga.) tweeter, who is rabidly anti-Israel, is favorably impressed with the message "You don't 'pause' a genocide. You pause a TV show. You pause a movie. You pause a video game. You don't 'pause' ethnic cleansing. That's not how that works."

Exactly- and that's yet more evidence, on top of all the rest, that Tel Aviv is not pursuing genocide. It has agreed to a pause, which is a remarkably foolish means of trying to wipe out a people. As is obvious to any Zionist or any completely neutral observer, Israel is not committing genocide. The first clue is the effort to move civilians from northern Gaza, where Israel has concentrated its attack, to southern Gaza; the warnings it gives remaining  residents before bombing, a second clue; the emphasis upon military targets by a country which could wipe out an entire population if it wished, a third; the disinterest in attacking Jordan, which is probably majority Palestinian, a fourth clue. 

There is far more evidence that Israel is not committing genocide. An additional one is that individuals who claim Israel is committing genocide don't know the meanings of "indigenous" or "Palestine" and assert with apparent sincerity that the USA currently is conducting a genocidal campaign against tribal people in its midst. Whether stupid or bigoted or both, there is a dangerous number of people on the streets and social media these days spouting dangerous and inaccurate disinformation, which may leave a whirlwind of disaster in its wake.

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