Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Claiming a Non-Existent Right

The press secretary to President George W. Bush inadvertently reminds us of how bad a President his boss was.

This is how NBC "shunned" Ronna McDaniel, who was Ronna Romney McDaniel before Donald Trump made dropping her middle name as a condition of obtaining employment as Republican National Committee chairman:


Ronna McDaniel was given an opportunity to present her take of the Republican Party and Donald J. Trump. Neither NBC nor its offspring, MSNBC, is under any legal requirement to give a contract to someone pro-Trump, just as it is not a requirement that Fox News do so for Tom Perez, Donna Brazile, or Terry McAuliffe.

Also misguided was Geraldo Rivera, who in slamming superstar host Rachel Maddow for comparing the contract with McDaniel to hiring a "mobster to work at the DA's office, stated "I think that Rachel Maddow is guilty of malignant wokeism. God did not anoint her the arbiter of who was appropriate for her network to hire or what their point of view is."

The incident had far less to do with "wokeism," however Rivera defines it, than with actively supporting an effort to overthrow a fair and legal election. And obviously God did not anoint an arbiter, given that Mrs. McDaniel was selected without input from any on-air talent. The revolt did not come until weeks after the agreement between McDaniel and NBC. While short of being "arbiters," MSNBC hosts decided that blindly following their leaders- management at the parent company- was not part of their job description. 

Fleischer, whose role in the White House was to spout the company line blindly and vociferously- may not fully understand this. And the "media bias" he cites is, at most, a counterpoint of the bias at Fox News (and Newsmax and OANN), but with a healthy dose of fact. 

NBC did not "shun" Mrs. McDaniel. There is no constitutional right to a media contract. No one is entitled to such a privilege. That was understood within the cable news network as

Across MSNBC they have been cutting contributors,” an unnamed host told Politico. “So everyone’s like, what the fuck? You found 300 for her?”

Later on Monday, the union group NBC News Guild, said on social media: “Two weeks before NBC News proudly announced the hiring of Ronna McDaniel, execs illegally terminated 13 union journalists.”

No explanation was offered for the layoffs, the Guild said, adding: “Actions speak clearly – NBC prioritized an election denier over its own reporters.

So NBC executives offered an election-denying, Trump-worshipping ex-RNC head a gig made possible only by axing legitimate journalists. On the parent network or, better yet, MSNBC, Republicans and conservatives should appear- as guests, asked real questions with follow-up, as was done on Meet the Press. But for contributors, it can do far better than Ronna "not Romney" McDaniel. As one right-wing Republican explained on Sunday

Ronna facilitated Trump's corrupt fake elector plot & his effort to pressure MI officials not to certify the legitimate election outcome. She spread his lies & called 1/6 'legitimate political discourse.' That's not 'taking one for the team.' It's enabling criminality & depravity.

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