Monday, January 21, 2008

Somewhere We've Gone Wrong

On the January 20, 2008 edition of CNN's Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer interviewed House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina and Eleanor Holmes Norton, District of Columbia delegate to the House of Representatives. After Holmes Norton gushed "and look at me. Look at me, Wolf. I'm a black woman. It's pretty hard to make some early decision when everything that you have fought for all of your life comes true, all in one election," this exchange followed:

BLITZER: So am I correct to say that, like so many other black women around the United States right now, you seem to be torn between wanting the first African-American to become president as opposed to the first woman to become president?

NORTON: Absolutely, wolf. I mean, we have wanted this for two centuries. Now we have it in one election. And here we've got to sort it out.

Yep, Martin Luther King's dream comes to fruition. Now we can judge candidates not by the content of their character, or of their policy positions, but by their pigment or the nature of their sexual organs.

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