Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Jobs- Superfluous to John McCain

Something positive happened in Michigan yesterday, Tuesday, January 15, 2007. Whatever you may think of Willard "Mitt" Romney, and I don't think much, John McCain got beaten- clobbered would be only a slight exaggeration. And that would be a good thing.
Not good because it halted McCain's momentum. The Arizona Senator would not be as good, nor Romney as bad, a general election candidate as the mainstream media and liberal blogosphere supposes. But not surprisingly in Michigan, unlike most Repub primaries/caucuses, the biggest issue in the primary was the economy

McCain remains stubbornly unbowed. McCain last night told supporters

We did what we always try to do: We went to Michigan and told people the truth. I am as committed now as I have ever been to making sure that no state, whether it's Michigan or South Carolina or anywhere in this blessed country, is left behind in the global economy. But that global economy is here to stay, and it is, by its nature, constantly changing. To compete more successfully in it, we must better prepare American workers and students to seize its opportunities.

Leave aside the self-congratulatory "we did what we always try to do: we went to Michigan and told the truth." This was not about telling the truth- this is, after all, the candidate who was for illegal immigration before he was against it. This is about someone who is completely oblivious to this nation's economy and its effect on people. We all recognize that the United States is losing its manufacturing base, whether in the automotive industry or otherwise. But the job sectors which are growing in McCain's glorious "global economy" are increasingly characterized by a glut of highly trained American workers unable to find employment matching their skills as jobs are outsourced to India and elsewhere. Check this out, as projected on in 2003 (click on chart for enlargement):

The Arizona Senator wants American workers to "seize the opportunities"- not of the economy in which Americans held middle-class jobs with health and other benefits but of that "constantly changing" one in which foreign workers are hired for lower pay and fewer benefits and the real income of American families declines. The "maverick" John McCain, apparently opposed to penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants and not coincidentally in favor of "free trade" and outsourcing, continues to do the bidding of his corporate sponsors.

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