Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Article Of The Week

"For there is no distinction. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God...."
-Romans 3:22b-23, English StandardVersion

Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post opens her 9/17/08 column, "True Whoppers," by writing

Economists are not generally known for their lyrical phrasing. But the other day, one told me something about the election that has stuck with me: He cautioned against succumbing to the "symmetry of sin."

What Marcus, and that unnamed economist, understand is

All campaigns fall short, but some fall far shorter than others. And it is a phony evenhandedness, comfortable for journalists but ultimately misleading, that equates these failures without measuring the grossness of their deviation from the standard of decency.

The Obama campaign has deviated from complete truthfulness- but the McCain campaign has rarely deviated from deception. In theological terms, they both have sinned; but unlike in Christianity, the sins are not equal and John McCain must be held to account for a campaign which has acted as if truth itself is a sin.

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Dan said...

wow bringing in some Romans! Interesting connection there. Yes, you have to decide between two sides that both use dirty tactics that include lies, misrepresentation, and aggageration.

Still, I think one's bias has a big role her. While you see McCain as "rarely deviating from deception" and Obama as "deviating from complete truthfulness," right-wingers see the exact opposite. I think that both campaigns feel that the other side does more misrepresenting and twisting, whether it be records, promises, etc., so it's okay if they do a little. I mean it's a campaign and the other side is going after ME, right?

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