Monday, September 01, 2008

Why Not McCain?- 4

Asked on August 31 by Steve Kroft why he selected Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate, Barack Obama on 60 Minutes explained:

Let me tell you the reason I picked Joe Biden. Number one, he can step in and become president. And I don't think anybody has any doubt about that. Number two is that if I'm in the room making the kinds of tough decisions that the next president's gonna have to make, both on domestic policy and on international policy, then I want the counsel and advice of somebody who's not gonna agree with me a 100 percent of [the] time. In fact, somebody who's independent enough that can push back and give me different perspectives and make sure that I'm catching any blind spots that I have. And Joe Biden doesn't bite his tongue.

An ability to assume the powers of the Presidency. Independence. Willingness to question the President. Putting country first. Can John McCain claim the same of Sarah Palin?

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