Monday, September 08, 2008

The Republican Media- No. 19

Faithfully repeating Republican talking points, Bob Schieffer on yesterday's Face The Nation (transcript via PDF) on CBS introduced a question of John McCain by saying

Let's start right in with what you were talking about the other night. You did something really extraordinary at that convention. I've never been at a political convention where I heard a candidate get up and not only go after the other party, but go after your own party. You even said at one point your party had lost its way. You said that Washington has to change, and you're the one that can change it.

Can an endorsement be far behind?

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Dan said...

Finally MSNBC's executives are making a wise choice and putting objectivity above competition with Fox. I watched both conventions and the bickering and biased side comments coming from Olbermann were a bit absurd.

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