Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hating Jobs

Rush Limbaugh exclaimed

Well, we are a nation of individuals; we are a nation of entrepreneurs; we are a nation of wealth creators; we are a nation of hard workers.

This makes him sad- not the part of individuals, entrepreneurs, or wealth creators- the part of "hard workers." In a different rant on the same day, Limbaugh said

Jobs, stimulus spending, federal regulations, those are the three things that are killing this country.

That's right. Along with two of the three things Rush (and most of the party he leads) regularly condemns (the other being "taxes"), there is another evil: "jobs."

Admittedly, Rush continued, "Those are the three things that every Republican needs to focus on." But if placed into this context, the statement about jobs ought to be put into the context of everything Limbaugh says about employment- opposition to economic stimulus, support for offshoring, contempt for public sector jobs and everyone holding them, and more. And it's clear, then, that when Rush Limbaugh says "jobs" are "among the three things that are killing this country," it's no mistake.

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