Monday, September 05, 2011

Laborers, Recognized One Day A Year

Jesse LaGreca, posting on DailyKos, observes

The reason today is labor day is because all of the other days of the year are already Millionaires' Day. Our job is to change that.

Today is Labor Day because all of the other days of the year are already Millionaires' Day. Think of it like college football's Outland Trophy, given each year to the top lineman, offense or defense. There is no equivalent award for the best player at a "skill position," no Staubach Trophy or Blanchard Trophy (two great college athletes who also served in the U.S. military, as did John Outland). No major award intended specifically for quarterbacks, running backs, or wide receivers- it is assumed one of them will win the extremely prestigious Heisman Trophy, given to the best college football player of the year.

As it is with the Outland Trophy, so it is with Labor Day, because it is only millionaires on whom is bestowed prestige. And with it, as Bill Maher describes (video below)

this fantasy that our interests and the interests of the super rich are the same, like somehow the rich will eventually get so full that they'll explode, and the candy will rain down on the rest of us, like they're some sort of pinata of benevolence. But here's the thing about a pinata, it doesn't open on its own, you have to beat it with a stick.


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