Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Dangerous Attorney General

We all make silly little mistakes, and I understand that news organizations face fiscal problems and dilemmas. Still, it was a little unsettlint to read this morning in Politico (emphasis mine)

Lynch also said the Department of Justice will release portions of the Orlando shooter’s calls to 911 during the shooting. She said the gunman’s pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State will not be included in that release, but the transcripts will shed light on his motivations for carrying out the attack.

In a wave of appearances across the Sunday morning political talk shows, Lynch defended the FBI’s previous interactions with Orlando shooter Loretta Lynch and explained why a tip from a Florida gun shop owner that a person, who later turned out to be the shooter, had acted suspiciously inside the store did not yield a more thorough investigation.

This article, unedited, was still up on Politico's website as of 7:51 p.m. Eastern time Sunday. If the Attorney General (photo from Politico) truly was the Orlando shooter or any Orlando shooter, we have a big problem in the federal government.

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