Monday, October 17, 2016

He Likes Rigged

We will absolutely accept the results of the settlement. Look, the Judge will decide in a ruling she will deliver next month.  But American males are tired of the obvious bias in courtrooms all across the nation. That's where the sense of a rigged settlement goes here. And oh, by the way, my wife cheated on me first.

That would be Mike Pence's statement were his wife to seek a divorce from him.  We know that because when he was asked on Meet the Press whether he would "accept the results of the election," he replied

We will absolutely accept the results of the election. Look, the American people will speak in an election that will culminate on November the 8th. But the American people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. That's where the sense of a rigged election goes here, Chuck.

A suitably skeptical Chuck Todd asked whether the vice-presidential candidate is "concerned that the more you say it ("rigged election"), the more you actually undermine our democracy unintentionally?

Pence went on and on, conceding only " I'll say to you again today, we're going to accept the will of the American people."  Acceptance does not mean a concession speech from to mimic that of Al Gore, who in December 2000 asserted he would "also accept my responsibility, which I will discharge unconditionally, to honor the new president-elect and do everything possible to help him bring Americans together." However, it does suggest that the results will not be protested.

And yet, Pence told Todd "so many Americans feel like this election is being rigged by a national media that's constantly trying to change the subject away from and practice willful ignorance toward the corruption and misdeeds and pay for play politics of the Clintons."

When Pence pledges to accept results of the election, it bears resemblance to public figures who "accept responsibility" while not conceding error.  But if he believes the election is rigged, he shouldn't accept the results and instead fight like the place of damnation to contest the election results. The question begs to be asked: why are not Pence, Trump, Giuliani and their fellow travelers asked why they would accept results they believe are fixed?

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