Monday, April 02, 2018

Journey Interrupted

Last week, amidst pushback from Chris Hayes, CBN Chief Political Correspondent David Brody differentiated Donald Trump from former President Bill Clinton because the latter

had a Monica Lewinsky. Right now we don't see a Monica Lewinsky in the Donald Trump White House. If that happened, Chris, game, set, match. It's over for Donald Trump with evangelicals....

Because evangelicals at that point, just like any constituency, would feel played at that point. He's promoting Judeo-Christtan values but then doing something you know, against that in the year now. That would be a real issue for them. But once again, we don't see that. And in the book, I can tell you that he has so many evangelicals around hm right now from a  spiritual pespective that the sense is from our reporting over 100 interviews he is on a  spiritual journey that has evolved. And last year, if you remember, chris, you're talking about 10, 12 years ago. We haven't seen anything in the last few years. 

Clearly, Donald Trump would have to be photographed laying naked on the desk in the Oval Office (there is room, evidently) with a naked Hope Hicks for right-wing evangelicals to "feel played."

Because they are silent today.They are silent one day after the President innocously tweeted "Happy Easter" and then in the course of two hours, set off three tweets competing against each other for deceit and animosity.

 He was eager to make the symbolism even more obvious when on his way into church

No one has identified "caravans" and given the presence of tunnels, "our dumb immigration laws" are not the reason for "drug flows." Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer offered to support substantial wall funding in return for legalization for DACA recipients. "Catch and release" was never a law, and President Trump himself has claimed credit for ending it.

Other than that, Trump's tweets were largely accurate.  But the stunning- were it not coming from Donald J. Trump- aspect is that they came on Easter Sunday, from the guy we're assured "is on a spiritual journey that has evolved."  We haven't seen anything in the sexual realm from Trump in the last few years- but otherwise we have seen plenty and did so yesterday, on the holiest day for Christians.

It is the holiest day- or at least worthy of a little respect- from anyone who genuinely "is on a spiritual journey" It would not have served as an excuse for both dishonest and mean-spirited messages to the American people.

President Trump is on no spiritual journey, but is on a journey to determine how outrageously contemptuous he can be of evangelicals before the right-wing among them are willing to concede they are being played.  They are, of course, eager to be used and continue to shill for President Trump. Impressingly shrewd, the man has found an audience which prioritizes conservative politics over preaching the gospel, typically prioritizing things that are on earth rather than on those which are above.

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