Sunday, April 29, 2018

Leaks Ill-Advised

In the list of most obnoxious and/or ridiculous Trump surrrogates, Jason Miller is far from the top of the list. Still, it was gratifying to learn that he was checkmated by host Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday":

JASON MILLER, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN SENIOR ADVISER: Well, I think this investigation is imploding under the weight of there being absolutely nothing there. I mean the fact that we're a year and a half --

WALLACE: Well, well, wait, we don't know that.

MILLER: Well, there -- nothing has been proven. We're over a year and a half into this thing and there's absolutely nothing --

WALLACE: We don't -- we don't know.

MILLER: But nothing in Washington.

WALLACE: Jason --

MILLER: Chris, in Washington.

WALLACE: We don't --

MILLER: Where everything is --

WALLACE: I'm talking about the Mueller investigation.

MILLER: Right.

WALLACE: We have no idea what he's finding.

MILLER: But there is -- if --

WALLACE: I'm not saying that he's finding anything, but we don't know the --

MILLER: If there would have been something on collusion, that would have leaked out. That would have gotten out so long ago. There is nothing to (INAUDIBLE) --

WALLACE: So, wait, wait. So you're now saying, because there isn't a leak -- I mean I thought you condemned leaks?

MILLER: No, a leak is terrible.

Leaks are terrible, unless they come from GOP members of Congress vainly trying to smear James Comey or the President bragging to Russian officials. Wallace continues, asking "which is it, are leaks good or bad?" followed by

MILLER: No, leaks are terrible, but you know that the -- if there was a way to hurt President Trump, it would have leaked out and that would have been out there. There's been no evidence, after a year and a half plus of searching, of any collusion. There's been nothing that's been proven to that point.

Comey has gone from the quintessential g-man (ph) to basically just another political hack. I mean this is very clearly a politically driven operation.

WALLACE: I'm talk about Mueller now, not Comey.

MILLER: Right. And so far there's been nothing untoward about the president or his activity or anything that has been put forward. So I think that most of the people around the country are taking a look at this and saying, you know what, the president's probably right, this is a witch hunt and it needs to get wrapped up.

Mueller's people generally haven't been leaking because they're professional. They also realize that it's not good technique to allow the individuals being investigated to know what you have. The only exception to that is if the investigation is flailing about, coming up with little, and can only be helped by strategic release of information which might panic the subjects into admission of self-incriminating facts.

But Mueller probably has quite a bit and needs to shield the fruits of his investigation from the general public, including Team Russia. Laying out the evidence to Captain Trump would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull (were this fok tale not actually a fallacy, but never mind).

If the President knew the cards Mueller were holding, he would give in to his instincts and impulsiveness and fire Sessions and/or Rosenstein, and move to restrict significantly the scope of the inquiry or strangle its budget.  Mueller must not allow Trump to conclude that therein lies the path to the President's self-preservation.

Miller told Wallace he believes that Mueller will "ultimately" be allowed to finish the investigation. If so, when the story of this period is written, historians will wonder why the guy who was smart enough to bamboozle the American people into electing him did not realize early that if his activities were fully scrutinized, he would be dead meat.

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