Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Go Easy On That Relish

Charlie Pierce, half right:

An additional portion of the thread from the Daily Caller tweeter:

House Democrats could kill the motion for censure, threatened by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, by tabling it or sending it to a committee.  They will do so because no good can come to the Democratic Party either by Waters' remark or a vote on censuring her because of it.

"Relish?" Maybe two or three. However, the party's majority hangs by a thread, a vote would increase the GOP's chance of retaking the chamber in the next election cycle, and it's far more pleasant to serve in the majority. If some of the pro-relish Democrats voted for censure while, as is very likely, most Democrats did not, it would expose division in the Party, which the other party and the mainstream media both relish.

Moreover, it might then pass, to the embarassment of the Speaker and her caucus. Worse yet politically, Democrats would have permitted punishment of a black member of their caucus. Good luck explaining that in your next primary, congressman (and congresswoman).

If all Democrats voted against censure, it would provide fodder for attacking the Democratic Party- as would, ironically, if some Democrats went for it. ("even leftist Democrat......"). They lose either way if it's brought to the floor, and Pelosi knows it.

Yet, it defies all logic to believe that many Democrats aren't incensed at the California, for the reasons explained above, and more. 

.... disgust among Democrats further metastasized after Hennepin, MN County Judge Peter Cahill criticized Waters from the bench, describing her remarks as “disrespectful to the rule of law.  Democrats respect judges and the jury ststem. They respect the constituional separation of powers. They respect the rule of law. In a larger sense, they respect professionalism and expertise, and the individuals who embody those traits.  (Note the veneration of Dr. Anthony Fauci. And remember: that's Dr. Jill Biden to you.)

A criminal court judge is, well, an expert in the criminal law and he has said the emperor has no clothes- or, in this case, the congresswoman lacks appropriate respect for one of the three branches of government.

Maxine Waters embarrassed some Democratic politicians and jeopardized the careers of more, which has angered additional colleagues. Her remarks also threaten to put all of them on the spot, enough reason that few of them relish the thought of confronting a censure resolution.


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